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Maryline Hourlier

Maryline HOURLIER, director of the foundation, trainer, speaker and author, offers training and conferences for pharmacists, doctors, nurses, veterinary clinics, health professionals and wellness centers in the Territories beyond sea ​​and in mainland France in the field of alternative medicine and chronic pathologies She also leads training in herbal medicine with the Ministry of Education and Research in Luxembourg and seminars on health capital for the public. Maryline HOURLIER followed a course in iridology at the Euronature Institute and provides iridology consultations. She followed training courses and internships in therapeutic education at the hospital of St Germain en Laye and in Cannes. Director of Aroma BC Limited in the United Kingdom. Graduated in therapeutic education, prevention and chronic diseases from Paris VI University of the Pierre and Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine. Graduated from the University of Paris XIII in Consulting and Information in Phytotherapy, in aromatherapy from the Faculty of Medicine of Bobigny. Graduated from the University of Paris XII in nutrition and aging from the Faculty of Medicine of Créteil. Author of a book "stay young for a long time thanks to natural methods" published by Robert Jauze, author of a book "sleep well thanks to natural remedies."

Understanding Essential Oils

– Precautions for use
– Contraindication and not recommended for which type of patient
– How are essential oils used for children and adults
– Locally and orally, in baths and in olfactotherapy.

Online training

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for healthcare professionals

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